Next Generation of Leaders!
Bringing together the silos of the development industry for the next generation of business leaders.

Twice a year, White + Burke brings together young professionals from around the real estate development industry to network and collaborate.

Beginning in September 2015, White + Burke has teamed with leading firms who recognize the importance of our industry’s continued cohesion and want to create the opportunities for active association and introductions. White + Burke is thrilled to announce the return of this dynamic networking event!

Next Event Coming this Fall! Stay Tuned for Details!

Join us and meet the ‘next generation’ of leaders – the emerging, mid-level career professionals eager to expand their network, gain insight into industry trends, and connect with peers from other organizations.

Spring Event Featuring: Tinotenda Charles Rutanhira,
Co-Founder of the Vermont Professionals of Color Network

Tinotenda Charles Rutanhira, Co-Founder of the Vermont Professionals of Color Network, will highlight the enduring impacts of systemic racism on BIPOC communities in Vermont and beyond. Drawing from personal experiences and national data, Rutanhira exposes the pervasive disparities in wealth, homeownership, and opportunity that persist due to centuries of discriminatory policies, and provides actionable steps for individuals, organizations, and policymakers. Rutanhira debunks the myth of a zero-sum game between Whites and BIPOC, emphasizing that a prosperous BIPOC community is a good thing for ALL of Vermont.


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