Objective, experienced, third-party advice

When lenders need a plan to mitigate loss

When a commercial or investment property is re-possessed, the goal is to mitigate loss. Since the early 1990s, beginning with the savings and loan crisis, White + Burke has worked with lenders to analyze properties, their markets, finances, and strategic alternatives to expeditiously prepare and implement action plans to dispose of OREO properties.

Property review

What are the property’s attributes? Physical condition? Occupancy? Location? Lease terms? Position in the market? White + Burke’s depth of experience allows us to quickly assemble, review, and understand how each of these informs an effective workout strategy.

Financial analysis

White + Burke has decades of experience preparing realistic operating proformas based on current market conditions, discounted cash flow (DCF) analyses, and broker’s opinion of value. We do the behind the scenes number-crunching so the lender can focus on working with the borrowers and managing the overall process.

Action plans

White + Burke is adept at developing alternative plans to mitigate losses and move expeditiously. And we put action with our words, whether it’s marketing an OREO property, obtaining permits that add value, or overseeing completion of construction of a partially built project.

Backup, Support & Strategies


Sometimes the volume of work is overwhelming. We step in to expand your capacity on an as-needed basis.


We’ll do the legwork to gather information, deeds, property tax information, and the myriad other documents needed for a complete file and analysis.


Each property and situation is unique. To develop effective loss mitigation plans requires analysis of each property, its market, and finances.


You can dump a distressed property on the market and hope someone makes an offer. Or you can first develop thoughtful strategies to position the asset to maximize its value and mitigate losses.


When it comes time to sell an OREO property, we can help a lender manage other brokers or take the assignment ourselves. Either way, the goal is to get it off the lender’s books quickly at a price that minimizes any loss.