The Vermont Development Listserv is a simple, email-style forum intended to act as a conversation tool connecting our entire real estate development community. This includes developers, business & property owners, regulators & government officials involved in land use, and the full spectrum of industry professionals, including attorneys, engineers, architects, bankers, environmental specialists, landscape architects, and the like. This listserv is a vehicle to brainstorm, problem-solve, and discuss issues, share resources and techniques, and help each of us be more successful (and profitable) while fostering a healthy economy and vibrant communities in Vermont.


Types of listserv posts may include:

  • Questions about permitting process, navigating a municipality, exploring environmental issues, etc.
  • Inquiries for specialists or consultants with whom to collaborate
  • Legislative change discussions — both current and proposed
  • Job openings within the industry
  • Regulatory/policy change discussions
  • And many more!

The style of this forum is easy — anyone on the list can simply send an email to and it will be distributed to everyone on the listserv with the email subject prefix of [VT Dev].

Listserv Rules

The following rules are provided to ensure that the Vermont Development Listserv remains valuable and respectful for all users. White + Burke retains the right to remove any users misusing the listserv. This group should be considered a professional outlet for all things development-related — a resource, sounding board, and crowd-sourcing opportunity to generally elevate our community.

1)  No anonymity. All messages must clearly state your name and organization or company to ensure accountability.

2)  No obscene, offensive, demeaning, or off-color language will be permitted. Use thereof will result in instant removal from the listserv.

3)  Treat everyone with respect, even if you strongly disagree with their statements. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

4)  Promotion of space for lease/sale is not an acceptable use of this forum.

5)  Discussions of public policy issues which are directly related to real estate development are welcome on this list. However, partisan political or religious postings or expressions are not acceptable and will result in removal from the list.

6) Members of the press will not be admitted to the listserv to preserve the candid, collegial nature of this forum.