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Your outsourced real estate department.

Save money and time using White + Burke’s outsourced real estate services, without a long-term commitment. Our robust expertise in development, permitting, real estate finance, and longer-term strategic planning is available when you need it, and costs you nothing when you don’t.

Brokerage Services

White + Burke’s brokerage services are deeply grounded in our advisory services. You get objective, strategic advice with every brokerage assignment. We don’t just get you a deal, we get you the right deal. We are licensed in Vermont and collaborate with local brokers throughout the country to ensure you get the best of both – local knowledge and our in-depth advice. Read more about our Brokerage Services.

Advisory Services

Commercial real estate is complex and fraught with pitfalls. Few businesses, institutions or municipalities have frequent enough need to justify the cost of substantial in-house expertise. That’s where we come in. We’re here when you need us; and cost nothing when you don’t. Whether it’s a new development project, or strategic analysis of a real estate portfolio, or structuring public-private partnership, we focus on our clients’ best interests, providing in-depth, objective, strategic advice and action — guiding you to success. Read more about our Advisory Services.

Workout Services

Lenders know that loans sometimes go bad. It is critical to develop effective workout and liquidation strategies to mitigate loss. Workout solutions need to be analyzed for each property, decisions made, and timely action plans implemented.

White + Burke was founded during the recession of the late 80s early 90s. Some of our first clients were banks with OREO properties.  We helped lenders navigate these challenges and created strategies to mitigate loss and dispose of OREO properties. Read more about our Workout Services.

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