Real estate development is inherently complex. Whether you are…

  • Developing a new location,
  • Looking for a tenant,
  • Expanding your existing business, or
  • Developing a community…

…there are numerous steps along the way that can slow down the timeline, increase your costs, or introduce roadblocks. At White + Burke we provide expert guidance, strategic action, and can fill in the gaps to keep your project moving forward. Offering a comprehensive range of brokerage and real estate advising, we can take you every step of the way from site selection and project planning through financing, permitting, construction management, and turnkey. With our experienced team managing every detail of your project, you can leave the headaches to us and we’ll get the job done.

Development Services

We have a unique niche in Vermont development: we don’t own the projects we develop, but rather do them on behalf of our clients. That means our decades of expertise and deep industry knowledge are being brought to bear solely for your success.

Brokerage Services

White + Burke is a boutique brokerage firm. We selectively choose our clients and our properties to ensure we find the right fit for the right space and maximize the value in every deal, whether we’re working on behalf of the buyer, the tenant, or the seller.

Asset Management

Investment real estate is complex with countless variables effecting the owner’s return on investment. Moreover, markets are dynamic with changing competition, market demand, and features that effect the rental rates or sales price an owner is likely to obtain. What worked for a particular property in the past, may not be the most profitable for it today. We can analyze and develop plans for single properties or portfolios of properties.

Community Development

Our job is to make the vision a reality. In many communities, there is an abundance of vision, but many barriers and challenges that prevent or slow the progress desired by leadership, property and business owners, and residents. Our job is to create realities by helping make areas "development-ready" and by managing public-private partnerships that are so often necessary to create vibrancy.