Where will you be November 5?

37, 12, 0. These are the numbers that led to White + Burke’s decision to host the very first statewide Vermont Development Conference. At present there are approximately 37 large commercial real estate projects underway statewide. In the development industry there are 12 allied groups of professionals — developers, attorneys, engineers, etc. And until now, 0 meetings have been held to bring us all together.

With the changing landscape of land use regulation, design standards, and financial markets, it is a challenge for us all to stay current. There has never before been an opportunity to come together to share our collective intelligence on these issues and network with our peers who play various roles in the development process. To meet that demand, we are pleased to announce that the inaugural Vermont Development Conference will be held on November 5 — an event not to be missed. Limited to only 200 attendees in this first year, White + Burke has worked with a committee of industry stakeholders to create a dynamic day of workshops on current hot topics.

Full details of the day’s agenda can be found on the conference page of the White + Burke website. We’re especially thrilled to have over 25 Vermont businesses co-sponsoring the event in this first year!

Having personally spent the last ten months working with a terrific group of colleagues from other firms to ensure a powerful program providing 10 seminars, workshops, and panels, I wanted to be the first to say that I hope you’ll join us for this exciting day! A year from now I hope the first number will be a lot higher than 37 and that our community comes together more & more frequently. We’ve all got an interest in Vermont’s economic growth; let’s stay connected.

By: Stephanie Clarke