Operations and Administration

As White + Burke’s lead of operations and administration, Emily oversees the management of the company and streamlines daily processes.

Emily manages the company’s daily operations, establishing and providing systems of support to maximize the company’s efficiency and employees’ well-being. Among myriad duties, she is responsible for personnel support, contract management, vendor relations, compliance matters, IT strategy, and foundational organizational systems. Since joining the firm in 2011, Emily has led the company to become a minimized-waste office, implementing a multifaceted disposal system for food, packaging, and other office materials.

Emily graduated from Beloit College with a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and history and spent 18 months working for the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Emily earned a Master of Science in environment, science, and society from University College London, focusing on how people perceive their environment, how that influences their economic and space decisions, and how those decisions in turn affect the environment. These three experiences formed the basis for Emily’s keen eye to research and optimization of organizations.

A devoted traveler, Emily is always planning her next adventure. She is also passionate about birding, reading, and theater.


Rethink Runoff’s Stream Team – water quality sampling volunteer