Maximizing the value and usefulness of a piece of property can be challenging for even the savviest of developers and owners. Timing, demographics, market forces, competitors, and regulatory considerations all need to be factored into the mix, and what may have worked well for a property in the past may not be the most profitable use today or tomorrow. To succeed, you need the experience and vision that comes with professional real estate asset management from White + Burke.

White + Burke can help you process all the critical variables and make the smartest possible choices to achieve long-term value. We’ll help you assess key questions including:

  • Should I sell and consolidate?
  • Should I buy my leased properties?
  • What are the financial implications?
  • What are the physical implications?
  • Is this land’s highest and best use being realized?

At the end of the day, our job is to help you achieve your vision. We can analyze and develop plans for single properties or a portfolio of properties, with services including:

  • Due diligence and feasibility analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Site concept design
  • Disposition, acquisition and leasing strategies