Each client has a story and a goal. Whether to scale up a business, maximize a property’s financial or operational value, protect an asset, or enhance a community, there are opportunities everywhere with associated challenges. OSP can be applied at any stage of real estate projects.

Your Opportunity – We Organize. White + Burke will act as the sponge to absorb your idea and further define the opportunity it provides. We conduct extensive research into the market, regulations, and team composition. Assessing feasibility transforms the idea or challenge into actionable next steps. We organize and work with the entire development team to distill complex situations,  provide creative options and prepare a roadmap leading to your success.

Your Success – We Strategize. Bringing your opportunity to success involves rigorous planning. W+B’s seasoned perspective means a focus on questions no one else may ask, or know to ask, and will keep the project moving, often one step ahead.

Your Peace of Mind – We Problem Solve. Throughout the process stage White + Burke is added protection for your project. There are solutions to every challenge; it is our expertise that can guide your project to completion while you focus on what you do best.

Above all, Customer Service – Insurance, Assurance & Satisfaction. We go beyond completing just the task at hand, providing depth and insight to fully support each step. We are your expert advisor and partner all along the way.