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Let’s take the complexity out of your next New Hampshire real estate project.

White + Burke Real Estate Advisors helps businesses, institutions, and municipalities achieve success in commercial real estate projects. In 2019, we made the conscious decision to bring our unique suite of commercial real estate consulting services to the Manchester area. Approaching projects as a client’s outsourced real estate department, you can ensure your commercial real estate development goals are met, with White + Burke being the added insurance to get you there.

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Our Services

We provide our services on a la carte basis, happy to simply fill in any gaps in the project team or manage a whole project from soup to nuts.


We can oversee the entire development process or fill in what is needed on an a-la-carte basis. We love to collaborate with colleague firms in Manchester, NH. Our project management services include:

  • Assembly and leadership of project teams (attorneys, engineers, architects, other specialists)
  • Project schedules and action plans
  • Team management
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Permits
  • Consensus building with key constituents
  • Owner’s representation during construction
  • Public relations


A project can’t succeed if the dollars and cents don’t add up.

  • Due-diligence assessments
  • Development budgets
  • Operating pro formas
  • Project financing
  • Consulting on and working with potential lenders
  • Market analysis
  • Use of public financing tools, including various loan and grant programs
  • Use of tax tools, such as New Market Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, Opportunity Zones, and Tax Increment Financing


Manchester, NH permit expediting can be needed to manage the myriad agencies involved. With decades of experience navigating some of the toughest regulatory bodies in the country, W+B can:

  • Create efficiencies among different permits (municipal, state, Federal, etc.)
  • Develop schedules and permit sequencing to move a project along
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders and project team members.
  • Draft and craft applications and materials
  • Meet with regulators and stakeholders
  • Strategically problem solve
  • Present in front of regulatory boards


Timing, demographics, market forces, competitors, and regulatory considerations all need to be factored into managing an asset.

White + Burke can help process the critical variables, including key questions such as:

  • Should I sell and consolidate?
  • Should I buy my leased properties?
  • What are the financial implications?
  • What are the physical implications?
  • Is this land’s highest and best use being realized?

At the end of the day, our job is to help you organize, strategize, and problem solve to achieve your vision. Whether for a single property or a portfolio of properties in Manchester, W+B offers:

  • Due diligence and feasibility analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Site concept design
  • Disposition, acquisition and leasing strategies


When a community is ready to take action, White + Burke can help in the pre-development process to highlight opportunities, identify constraints, and prepare to get projects built. We get into the trenches — negotiating deals, structuring financing, navigating issues and solving problems to create win-win projects for business and property owners, and for communities. Because we understand both the private and public sectors in Manchester, NH, we bring unique perspective to the project team by providing:

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Issues and opportunities analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Strategic action planning
  • Financial modeling
  • Exploration of tax credits, private capital, and public financing
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Public relations
  • Establishing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts
  • Downtown revitalization SWAT team
  • Running RFP processes to attract new development
  • Negotiating complex real estate deals


When the public and a private entity partner to develop a project in Manchester, White + Burke is the expert navigating the myriad details involved with multiple parties. We understand the interests and motivations of each party and can package the financing using both public and private resources. White + Burke’s public-private partnership consulting services include:

  • Financial modeling
  • Exploration of tax credits, private capital, and public financing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Managing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts
  • Obtaining permits
  • Preparing and managing a developer RFP process
  • Negotiating MOUs, development agreements, P&S contracts, etc.