White + Burke is committed to social responsibility.


To manage real estate assets and development projects from site selection through occupancy.
To seek and secure the best fit for clients with brokerage needs.
To provide clients with high-level expertise to achieve their real estate goals while allowing them to get back to doing what they do best—running their own businesses.
To foster sustainable and healthy economic growth for our communities in an evolving world.


To be recognized as leading advisors for brokerage and development projects.
To be Vermont’s best place to work.


To be the best and brightest in the field.
To apply the highest standards of excellence and integrity to our services.
To be ethical and truthful in every interaction.
To look beyond the immediate and obvious, dig deeper, and recognize possibilities.
To engage proactively in every project and take ownership of our work—the buck stops here.
To support development projects that bring sustainable economic growth to Vermont.
To create enthusiastically satisfied customers by putting our clients’ best interests first.

Social Responsibility Statement

Our staff love living in Vermont and we want to take care of our wonderful state. For more than 20 years our work has had a profound impact on street corners, neighborhoods, and downtowns throughout the state. We take that responsibility seriously. That means working with the highest caliber clients, fostering a balanced and creative environment for our employees, and ensuring that our work supports the health of our communities. We are committed to excellence in all areas of our work. We are committed to the future by acting responsibly today.

For our clients

Quality – dedication to excellence in results and service
Transparency – clarity in task management, practices, rates, and responsibilities
Privacy – security in confidential information and public relations
Professionalism – faithful representation of clients’ businesses and reputations
Reputation – maintaining a positive image in the community as a reflection of our clients
Value – providing cost-effective services

For our employees

Flexibility – open, fair policies and benefits that support individuals’ needs
Communication – clear disclosure of internal processes, expectations, and feedback
Career development – fair allocation of workload and opportunities for growth
Wellness – promoting balance in professional and personal lives

For the environment

Efficiency – promoting best practices for building and site efficiencies
Reuse and infill – utilizing existing infrastructure and promoting adaptive redevelopment
Reduction – intentional reduction of waste and consumption
Mindfulness – representation of clients with environmentally sound and environmentally progressive projects
Sustainability – engaging experts who are mindful of the economic, social, and ecological principles of sustainable development
Energy – mindfulness of global energy consumption in the broader context of climate change

For the community

Context and fit – designing projects with the community in mind
Maximization of positive impact – incorporating community benefits with clients’ goals
Enriching lives – empowering employees to make contributions to their towns and neighborhoods
Respect and dignity – developing the Vermont landscape through a respectful process