White + Burke Real Estate Investment Advisors, Inc. has been practicing its unique blend of commercial brokerage, asset management, and development services since 1990. David G. White founded White + Burke with a vision of doing real estate differently: to build a powerful team of real estate development consultants that manages its clients’ development projects on their behalf—especially the hard ones. In 1992, David recruited Tim Burke to lead W+B’s brokerage initiatives, enabling the firm to take projects all the way from site search through construction completion. Since then, the W+B team has worked with a wide variety of clients, including Lowe’s, Shearer Automotive, Trader Joe’s, the City of St. Albans, Fletcher Allen Health Care, and Hannaford Bros. Co., to bring their projects to life.

White + Burke’s Approach

At the core of White + Burke is our spirit of creativity and flexibility. After decades in this business, we know that every project has its own unique dynamics and requirements. Our approach enables us to uncover what really matters so we can create a custom-tailored strategy to fit the context and achieve the goals of each individual project.


We do our homework. We call it the “sponge phase”: we get to know our clients and all the factors that could influence their projects, identify the questions that need to be answered, and develop (or recruit) the expertise to answer them.


We take a human approach to real estate. We build and manage effective, well-coordinated teams. And we work beyond the legal, technical, and design process to focus on the interpersonal dynamics of real estate development, engaging local officials and community members to facilitate progress.


We dig in and get things done. Every step of the way we’re one step ahead: keeping track of details, synchronizing team efforts, problem solving, and pursuing new opportunities.


We relieve clients and projects of unnecessary burdens. By constantly monitoring and adapting to new information and circumstances, we avoid the stress and escalated financial and time costs that so often bog down projects and keep clients from doing what they do best—running their businesses.


We rest only when the project is complete. We persevere until we’ve considered every possibility, wrapped up every loose end, and achieved the best possible outcome.